Oakland University Yates Trip

Oakland University students are being offered transportation to Yates Cider Mill, starting on October 19, 2016. The students can use the bear bus to give them transportation to the Mill.


Nobel Prize Award Winners

View the story "Nobel Prize in Physics 2016" on Storify Lab #3: Looking through today’s national news I came across a story that caught my attention and I think it is worth the read. It’s about three grown men who were peers, collaborating together. They went separate ways and were suddenly given news that completely …

Crowdsourcing Oakland University

Lab #2: During Lab 2, we learned all about crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is going out and collecting your own data to learn more about a specific topic. My group decided to go out and receive data from other Oakland University students. We wanted to learn more about the community at Oakland, so we each asked 2 - 3 …


First Idea: Teen Suicide

Lab #1: Every one always wants to answer the question, "why?" Why is suicide so prevalent among young adults and teenagers? Most specifically, among high school students. The topic of teen suicide is a very touchy subject. It is emotional and very personal for many people. Starting a project on this topic can be difficult. Finding …