Week One

Well, here I am… Fulfilling my dream of working for Mickey Mouse, AGAIN! And so far I rooomiesam loving it! The first day of my DCP was on August 14th, where I moved into my apartment and officially met my roommates! Let me just tell you, they’re amazing. We instantly clicked, and it was pretty surreal finally getting to meet each of them and finally exchange roomie gifts. We went over each of our schedules for the week and planned out when we would start heading to the parks!

But, our first step was Casting and Disney Traditionofficials. I can’t spoil much about these but, it’s Disney’s way of officially welcoming us to the working family! We learned about the company, each of the areas where CP’s would work and all about the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. Many moments became very sentimental and there were many tears shed… Especially, when the boss man himself came out and we were inducted into the family with our name tags and our own personal Mickey ears! I was already so excited to start this experience again but, this just topped it off!

After Traditions, we were officially given access to the parks. So, what did my roommates and I do? We headed to the parks, but we didn’t start off with the Magic Kingdom just yet. We thought we’d explore Epcot the first day, walking through the countries, riding a few rides (I finally got to ride FROZEN, it was so fun!), meeting Baymax, and Anna and Elsa. I then got to ride Soarin’ and see the new film put in place, I even stopped by my old location across the way, Sunshine Seasons just to remind me of the reason I came back.


Throughout the next few days, my roommates and I have park hopped from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to Epcot, andhappily to Animal Kingdom. But, we had to top it all off with the beautiful Magic Kingdom! We all got to stand together and watch Happily Ever After for the first time in person, where every one of us was uncontrollably shedding some tears. Everything came into focus, the new jobs, the new opportunities, the new experiences ahead of us. It definitely hit me as I walked out of Magic Kingdom that night, strolling past my new home, the Emporium on Main Street West. It was amazing just thinking about how many guests I will encounter every day, and that at my job I’m going to create so many memories for each person with just a simple souvenir.

I just started my first day at the Emporium yesterday, and I will be continuing to train this week. Hopefully I will have time to give an update next week!

Once again, thank you for reading and following my adventure through the Disney College Program, Fall 2017! Please follow me on Instagram for photo updates!

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