Lab 7: Data Story – News Media

Lab #7:


In today’s society almost every individual uses social media. Right now, it seems as though it completely consumes every person’s life. Wherever you walk you will see someone looking at their phone, scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, the list goes on. But what are we seeing? We aren’t just seeing the random memes or the cute little animal videos, are we? No, news media has come into play. But which social media networks use their site for news influence and how often?

After looking at The Journalist’s Resource, I found a research study on The evolving relationship between social media and news. They even offered three separate perspectives from other studies. The one I found most interesting was from The Pew Research Center, who offered statistics on “social networking site news users.” I decided to pull from these statistics and create a graph of my own on the comparison of men and woman users:


When I saw this it wasn’t very surprising  that woman use Instagram more often, men are not as commonly known for using this site.

But then I created another graph dealing with the opposite races. Isn’t it crazy that race even came into play? I had no idea that their percentages would be so different. I would have suspected they would be pretty close. According to this they are not:


Why is it that non-white’s are higher users of Instagram and White’s/Non-Hispanic’s are higher users of Facebook and Twitter? It was interesting to see these percentages pan out.

I then created one last chart that dealt with the amount of education each user had and I also found this pretty predictable:


In college, LinkedIn is very popular for internship and career searching, so it was not a surprise to me that it has such a high usage among the category of “college degree.” It was also predictable that Facebook would be pretty level throughout all three types of users because it’s such a common and normal social media network nowadays.

Finding this research study and learning more about news influence within social media was really interesting to me. I learned that these users depend upon, gender, race and even education. It was cool to see how the Pew Research Center was able to split their percentages into such a variety of categories.

All Data was courtesy of Journalist’s Resource and Pew Research Center. All charts created by ChartGO.

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