Following a New Podcast


For the past two weeks, I decided to follow the podcast Wrongful Convictions by Jason Flom. When getting this assignment to chose a podcast, I had never listened to or followed a podcast before so this was new for me. When I looked on iTunes for a podcast I came across Wrongful Convictions, I automatically knew I wanted to follow this one. I have always found it so extraordinary and appalling that their are so many wrongful convictions all the time; it’s extremely sad really.

Jason Flom found amazing individuals who were completely honest and open in telling their stories. He would first open with a bit of background on their trial, what crime took place and who the individual being interviewed was, then he would pass it over. Each wrongfully convicted person had their own unique story, some even more unique than others. Sometimes, I would get a little too connected to their stories and actually cry because I felt for them. It was so awful hearing that someone who was completely innocent was framed of a crime they never committed AND they were placed in prison/jail for almost half their life! It was sickening to hear about how they were manipulated and punished for something they had nothing to do with.

During every episode, once I started listening I was hooked from the beginning until the end. I listened on car rides to school and back home, on my way to my friends houses and over to my parent’s house. I was hooked to these stories and I plan on continuing to follow them each week.


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