Lab #4: OU Accounting Student

Lab #4:

Jessica Hurst poses for a head shot at Panera Bread. She is getting ready for her upcoming job at PwC in April 2017.


Oakland University student, Jessica Hurst (21), is a part of the School of Business. She is currently majoring in Accounting and plans on graduating April 2016.

While being a student at Oakland, she spends a lot of the time in Kresge Library, where she studies with her peers and works on accounting work. Sometimes, she even spends time at Panera Bread on her own. She says, “it’s another place for me to focus.”

                 What is she doing now?

Hurst studys at Panera Bread. She is able to focus on her work outside of class.

Right now Hurst is working with a company called Android Industries. With this industry, Hurst works in the accounts payable department. “This job helps me prepare for my career, but it’s not my favorite position… I’m looking forward to graduation and officially working in a field I’ll actually enjoy.”

                     How did she get her start?

PwC gives a backpack to each of their interns. Jessica uses hers for her schooling.

In June of 2016, Hurst was offered an internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Working as an intern for PwC, she learned all about being an accounting audit for their company.

At the end of her internship in August of 2016, she was offered a full time position with PwC. In this position she will work as an audit for publicly traded clients. When asked what her job entails Hurst stated, “I will check over financial statements to make sure the clients books are completely accurate.”

When will it all begin?

Her career at PwC will not officially begin until her graduation in April 2016. For now she will continue to prepare for her upcoming position as an audit for PwC.

Outside of accounting, she likes to spend time at Lakeside Mall, shopping and hanging out with friends. She says that it’s an easy getaway from all of her work.

Jessica spends time at Lakeside Mall, taking a seat outside of JC Penney’s. She likes to take time out of the week to get away from accounting.

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