Crowdsourcing Oakland University

Lab #2:

During Lab 2, we learned all about crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is going out and collecting your own data to learn more about a specific topic. My group decided to go out and receive data from other Oakland University students.

We wanted to learn more about the community at Oakland, so we each asked 2 – 3 students about themselves. Specifically, we asked where the students are from, what their majors are, and if they commute or live on campus.

After our findings, most commuters live no more than 30-40 minutes from the campus. The rest live a little further, about an hour or more and most of these students live on campus.

Learning the different majors in addition, we found that there was multiple majors at Oakland. There are majors within Communications, Writing, Business, Nursing, etc.

Using this data, we created a map using Google’s Geomap, showing our collected sources. Most of it is based in Southeast Michigan.



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