First Idea: Teen Suicide

Lab #1:

Every one always wants to answer the question, “why?” Why is suicide so prevalent among young adults and teenagers? Most specifically, among high school students.

The topic of teen suicide is a very touchy subject. It is emotional and very personal for many people.

Starting a project on this topic can be difficult. Finding out information or finding a story for this topic will be hard. Finding the full answer to “why?” is also completely impossible. But maybe finding more answers or learning about organizations who can help these teens can help to reduce the rate of Teen Suicide.suicide

For my group we want to focus on the high school students. We have thought about visiting a high school and speaking with small groups of students. Asking their opinion on the topic could lead to a more personal aspect for the topic. Asking the students why they believe this is prevalent? Why they believe other students can resort to this?

Afterwards, finding organizations that create supports for these students could also be a huge part of this. I would like to speak with organizations, maybe like the Suicide Hotline, or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and ask why they believe this so unfortunately common nowadays.

I am curious about finding answers. I want to learn why and maybe be able to help change this. I don’t know how easy it will be but maybe researching more answers on “why?” will lead to another discovery.


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